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Getting started with SCALE

This guide will help you discover Ikomia SCALE. You will learn how to deploy your first computer vision workflow to the cloud.


First of all, create an Ikomia account or log in. You can choose to sign up with your email or with your Google or GitHub account.

Deploy your first workflow

When you create an account, we give you a Getting_started project that contains some example workflows. Just deploy one of them to see how it works.

  1. Enter the Getting_started project by clicking on it in the dashboard.
  2. Pick one of the workflows:
    • Smart Object Detection: run object detection model and filter the object category you want.
    • Artistic Image Transformation: apply an artistic filter from famous artists to any image.
  3. On the workflow page, choose the size of your compute infrastructure.
  4. Click on the Add deployment button. Wait a few minutes for the deployment to be ready.
  5. Once ready, click on the Test me button to try it out with an intuitive user interface.
  6. Upload an image and enjoy the result.

The main steps to use SCALE

We present here the most important steps to deploy a Computer Vision solution using Ikomia framework. It helps to understand the connection between our Open-source tools and SCALE.

  1. Take a look at Ikomia HUB to discover the list of ready to use algorithms.
  2. Create Computer Vision workflows with our Open-source tools: Python API and/or STUDIO.
  3. Create a project in SCALE to organize your work.
  4. Push your workflow in a project, Ikomia CLI and Studio are your best friends.
  5. Deploy your workflow: choose your favorite cloud provider and the right compute infrastructure.
  6. Test your deployment with the dedicated UI.
  7. Integrate the workflow in your application with the provided REST API

What's next?

In the next sections, you will learn more advanced features to leverage the power of SCALE: manage your workflows and deployments, integrate them into your application.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in our Community Discord Server. We are here to help you!