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Core concepts

We use specific terms to describe the different components of Ikomia SCALE. Here are the main concepts it may be helpful to know:

  • Workflow: a workflow is a graph structure composed of algorithms to build a computer vision solution. You create them using our Python API or with our no-code software Ikomia STUDIO.

  • Algorithms: algorithms are the building blocks of the workflow. They can be chained to achieve complex processing pipelines. Ready to use algorithms are available in Ikomia HUB and you can also implement your own.

  • Workspaces: workspaces are designed to provide isolated environments for your work. You will find 2 types of workspace: your personal workspace and organization workspaces. The latter is the way to go if you want to share projects across a team.

  • Projects: on Ikomia SCALE, a project is a container for your workflows. It helps you organize your work. When you create an account, we provide you with a Getting_started project which contains some example workflows.

  • Deployment: a deployment is a running instance of a workflow. It is hosted on the cloud provider of your choice. SCALE gives you access to different architectures (serverless, CPU or GPU instances) depending on your compute needs. Each deployment comes with a REST API for easy integration with your applications.