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Test your deployment

The SCALE platform provides a convenient way to test your deployed workflow through the Test Interface.

The Test Interface

Open the Test Interface

From your workflow page, click on the Test me button on your deployment or simply navigate to its endpoint's URL.

Run your workflow

The Test Interface allows you to run your workflow by sending an image input to it. You can either upload an image from your local machine, provide a URL or pick one of our sample images. When workflow execution is completed, the interface displays the outputs.

By default, the Test Interface executes the workflow when you upload an image. But you can also run your workflow manually by clicking on the Run workflow button.


Currently, the Test Interface only supports workflows that take at most one image as input.

Modify algorithms parameters

You can also modify the parameters of each algorithms in your workflow, and see how the outputs change. On the bottom panel, just click on the algorithm you want to modify, and change its parameters, then click on the Run workflow button again to see the new outputs.

You can always reset the parameters to the default values by clicking on the reset icon next to modified fields.

Run the workflow partially

By default, the Test Interface runs the entire workflow and display outputs of the first ending algorithm. However, you can also decide to run the workflow partially, and see the outputs of any intermediate algorithm. To do so, click on the dropdown menu next to the Run workflow button and select the algorithm you want to run.

Running the workflow partially

Inspect the API response

In addition to the visual outputs, the Test Interface also provides the raw JSON from the API response of your deployment. You can inspect it by clicking on the API response tab on the output panel. This can be useful for debugging and understanding the structure of the response that your workflow produces for integration with other systems.

Inspecting the API response