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Manage deployments

Ikomia SCALE allows you to deploy your workflows on different cloud providers and regions.

We provide 3 main compute infrastructures:

  • Serverless: CPU only, you are only charged for execution time of your workflow.
  • CPU instances: CPU only dedicated instances, you are charged for the time the instance is in use (per second).
  • GPU instances: dedicated instances with GPU acceleration, you are charged for the time the instance is in use (per second).

Create a deployment

  1. From the SCALE dashboard, select the project where the workflow is located.
  2. Open the workflow you want to deploy.
  3. On the right side of the page, you'll find the deployment interface.
  4. Select the provider, deployment type, region and size.
  5. Click on the Add deployment button.
The deployment interface

Your new deployment will appear in the deployment list on the left side of the page. Depending on the workflow and the configuration you choose, the deployment will take some time to set up, please be patient.

A running deployment

Update the deployment's workflow

Pushing a new version of a workflow will not automatically update its running deployments. Your deployment will continue to run the previous version of the workflow until you decide to update it.

In this case, a message is displayed on the deployment's page to notify you that the running workflow is outdated. You just have to click on the dedicated button to update it.

Your deployment will remain available while updating.

Upgrade/downgrade a deployment

You can change the compute infrastructure size of a deployment at any time on the deployment settings page. You can find a description of the available configurations here.

As with creation, your deployment will remain available during the process.

Delete a deployment

From the workflow page, you can delete a deployment by clicking on options icon and then on Delete deployment. You can also delete a deployment from the deployment settings page.